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Hissyfits Hullabaloo 2010 Review, part 2

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Day two of the Hissyfits Hullabaloo review. Just a reminder – these are the recovered pics from a dying camera. Please offer the camera (photographer and pics) the respect due and offer a moment of silence rather than complaints about quality. I was just glad it stayed on long enough to take these.

You’ve probably noticed by now that a lot of these business owners are moms who, like many of us, are looking for ways to contribute to their families’ financial welfare. From what I could see at the Hullabaloo, they all offered high quality, creative and useful items. Why not consider foregoing the big box stores for a least a few of your holiday gifts this year and spending your money with one of these businesses? You’ll probably get a higher quality item for the money and one that’s indubitably more hip. Most of all, your buying local contributes directly to Arizona’s financial success and helps someone just like you provide for his or her family.

***By the way – A Shout-out to Hissyfits!***
I would be completely remiss in my review of the Hissyfits Hullabaloo if I did not acknowledge Hissyfits owner, Nikki, for her amazing initiative in planning this event and hosting it so perfectly. I’m so impressed with Nikki. First, for the way she runs her shop. It has a great vibe & she only takes in good quality clothes to re-sell. Secondly, she supports local moms/artists by carrying their items at the store. If you haven’t been by Hissyfits resale shop on 7th Street just north of Glendale in Phoenix, it’s time to stop by and find a great deal!! Also, you can find Hissyfits on Facebook to get the latest news about great deals and the kinds of items they’re looking to sell.

Flowergirl – Tammy R. Mendoza, 602-617-9226
I fell in love with the work of our next artist, Tammy Mendez. Tammy got her start making simple flower hair barettes for her own daughters. As she kept making them, the designs became more elaborate. The pieces she creates for Flowergirl are anything but plain. Her romantic pieces bloom with beautiful flowers and glimmer with “jewels” and other lovely embellishments, some of which have a vintage feel.

Tammy’s headbands and barettes make the perfect accessory to nearly any outfit. And, don’t think these hair adornments are just for little girls. They’re elegant enough to look appropriate on an adult as well. Who among us grown up girls doesn’t need a little shimmer now and then? Now if I could only get my little girls to keep them in their hair!

Tammy’s table was crowded with people who wanted to get one of the gorgeous pieces – so I could only get one decent shot. Don’t worry. Just call her if you want a chance to own one of these.

Flowergirl Headbands
Hustle Mama – (currently at
Shannon Woodruff’s business, Hustle Mama, offers a variety of items from barettes, to cute handmade purses (or diaper bags) to re-usable sandwhich bags. You can choose from a variety of fabrics and her workmanship is professional. This girl is a seriously crafty woman. You all know that this is not my gift! (see my last attempt at handmade art here). So, I would be really jealous of her if she hadn’t been so sweet.
Being an organic mama, I especially like the re-useable food bags. They’re great for the following reasons:
1. They reduce plastic waste. Ziplock baggies may be convenient but they’re hard on the environment.
2. They’re probably safer for eating because they’re not really edible, unlike plastic zip bags. I learned this today when I found Destructo Girl gnawing on a ziplock a friend had given to her (containing treats), toddlers will try to eat anything when bored.
3. They’re economical because once you buy them, you can use them over and over. See? Money saved!
If you’re interested in any of Ms. Woodruff’s pieces, check her out on Etsy. While her card says to visit the hustlemama site, most of her work is actually over on
Hustlemama bags
Hustlemama bags
Heaven’s Closet –
Cindy Wheat is the gifted seamstress behind Heaven’s Closet. She creates unique and custom ensembles intended to make every little girl feel like a princess. She definitely succeeds. There is no doubt that this mama’s clothes are made with lots of love as well as skill. Her designs are sweet and whimsical and her model – daughter Heaven – wears them well.
Cindy offers different themed designs like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Stars and Stripes.  If you need something special for you little princess, Heaven’s Closet is a good place to look!
Cindy Wheat from Heaven’s Closet
Precious Baby Boutique –
Precious Baby Boutique caught my eye because they sell a very popular kind of baby toy that usually comes in plastic. You know those stackable baby rings? Some babies just love those but I’ve never really liked the fact that so many of them are made of plastic, which is not the best thing for babies to suck on (but they do) – and it’s not a great choice for our environment. Sarah Hoel of Precious Baby makes her stacking rings of fun colored fabrics. They are so bright and cheerful, any baby would love playing with them.
I also clicked over to Precious Baby’s Etsy site and discovered Sarah also offers some cute decorated onesies. My favorite is a pink one with a guitar and there are some other fun ones with ties. Perfect little presents for the next baby shower!
Precious Baby Boutique
Nikki of Lemonberry Kiss is another of those accessory mavens. Her hair ornaments are particularly unique; unusual items like zippers and peacock feathers set them apart. In this case, picture speak louder than words.
She also creates these cool barettes with fun vintage pics of glam stars like Marilyn Monroe and Elvis.


I’d let these butterflies rest in my hair.

Flipped Bird –

I can’t confirm or deny the origin of the name of this vendor and it’s possible association with the gesture commonly referred to as a Flipped Bird. Ok, I actually can, but you’ll have to read their website to find out if your guess is right. I will tell you that owner Marci McDonald’s husband calls her “bird” – so that’s part of where the name started. You’ll have to figure out the rest yourself. However, let’s move on to her product.

Marci sent a friend to represent her because she had multiple local events to attend the day of the Hullabaloo. Once you see her bags and hats, you’ll understand why. Her handmade bags come in fabulous colors and patterns and are designed to flip inside out so you can wear them in the reverse! These cloth bags are so cool, they’ve been sighted near such famed teen sensations as – Justin Bieber. Haha!

Sadly, by the time I got to Marci’s bags, my camera had died completely, so I reverted to my cell phone – which does NOT take good quality pics. Be sure to check out her websites for the best representation of her work. By the way, the friend Marci sent to represent her bags was super friendly and not a Phoenix native. However, she survived the summer and is excited about the local feel she’s finding here. Yay, Phoenix!!

Here’s one of the Flipped Birdbags with it’s reverse side…

Holy Pinata –, Facebook, Twitter
Ok, I realize that some of you might be on girly-girl overload right now, especially if you’re not into pink/frills/sparkly stuff or dessert-shaped soaps. So, in your honor, let’s take a break from it all and talk about something much simpler. Like T-shirts. Yes. T-shirts. But these are special T-shirts!
The people who created Holy Pinata are seriously into loving Phoenix and patronizing local business (which you know I can support!). This local business inspires it’s fellow “believers in Phoenix” to show the love by – well – wearing a tshirt to prove it. The shirts are all 100% combed cotton by American Apparel and sport themes like “I cactus PHX” or “I pinetree Flag”. They come in all sizes – baby to adult – so you and your baby can match.

A visit to Holy Pinata’s facebook page is also good for a laugh because they post pics of sightings of the holy pinata (their red, paper-mache mascot) visiting locations all over Arizona. Best of all, $2 from the proceeds of each sale can be designated toward a local charity.

Holy Pinata’s T-shirts
In case you’re wondering…NO, these businesses did not pay me to write a review about them. I only write positive reviews for businesses I really think are cool. And, these were not the only businesses I loved at the Hullabaloo. Over 80 vendors were scheduled to attend this event so there is truly no way I could review them all! If I missed you or I met you and didn’t review you, it’s because my epic camera FAIL ruined the pic. I’ll catch you at the next local event!! For those of you who’d like to see more of the great businesses who attended Hissyfits Hullabaloo, check out Hissyfits Facebook page.

Hissyfits Hullabaloo Review

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I attended the Hissyfits Hullabalo a week ago Sunday and have been trying to finish my post about it all week. Unfortunately, I had major camera issues – again – proving that it’s time for a new camera. My camera tanked and then I couldn’t even get the pics off the SD card for several days. Grrrr….Well, thanks to my sweet husband, I got a few off the disk.

So, here are the pics I took of the great things available to buy at the Hullabaloo. Best of all, if you missed it, you can still get in touch with these awesome local artisans! As with the Sunnyslope Art Fair, I’ll split my finds into two different posts. There were so many awesome local businesses there – I could possibly cover them all so here is a small sampling.

Lululand Designs – or Lululand on Facebook 
Being a mom of girls, I was immediately drawn to the bright colors and frilliness available at the Lululand Table. These are just so cute – and they come in all different colors. If you have a little princess who needs a tutu, this is a great place to get one. They even have colors for you ASU alumni!
Andrea Blanchard creates these awesome puffs of fluff.

Daily Scrubs – Email:
For those of you who are getting nervous about the gi-normous amount of sweets that will soon be staring you in the face this holiday season, I have a solution for you!!! Next time you’re craving something sweet, instead of reaching for an edible treat, make some time for yourself and take a bath.
The creator of this business has a solution for those who would love a giant ice cream sandwich, sugar cookie, cinnamon roll or cupcake but don’t actually want to use up two days of calories on one food item. She makes these delightful delicacies out of soap! These soaps look exactly like their intended sugary treat and smell like them too. They would make great stocking stuffers!!
Frilly Butts –
Are you a hip mama disillusioned by the boring-ness of typical baby onesies? Never fear! I’ve found the answer to your problem. Frilly Butts. For real. And, as their name implies, their motto is, “Business in the front, party in the back” (just like a mullet). Holly Trueblood’s creations feature cool designs and – for girls – frilly booties.
Also, if you’re having a hard time getting your toddler interested in potty training, Holly can hook you up with some pretty cute little training pants.
You can see more of Holly’s great art on her Frilly Butts Etsy page. Frilly Butts! Frilly Butts! (Sorry, I think my four year old is rubbing off on me. I can’t stop saying their name!) Seriously, check out their page. She even has a sale section!! Woohoo!!
Sew Cute in AZ –
Sew Cute in AZ solves the problem of ugly car seat covers. Her car seat covers are just darling and she offers several different fabric offerings, including one with guitars – which you know would go over big at our house! Not only were the fabrics and designs super cute, the quality of her work seemed really high as well. If you’re looking for an extra car seat cover or boppy cover, this is the place to look.
Here are a few pics of her work.
That’s all for today folks. Tune in tomorrow to see some more fabulous local artists!!

As usual, show these local businesses some love by sharing this post on Twitter, Facebook or your own blog. YOU can make a difference in our economy by shopping local!!

Great Phoenix Fall Events – Hissyfits Hullabaloo, ASU Art Event and Believe – a Chandler Boutique Event

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This is such a fun time of year in Arizona as the we start to enjoy the reason we all live here – Perfect Weather! This weekend, enjoy the blue skies and cool temperatures by attending one of the many awesome local events going on around here and – support local businesses! Here are a few events to consider – and, admission is FREE.

Hissyfits Hullabaloo is a fabulous, fun craft fair at a great local kids resale store – Hissyfits. Thanks to Hissyfits’ hip mama owner, Nikki, the store is known for providing Phoenix’s coolest kids with feisty, affordable style. I expect no less from their outdoor vendor show. Hissyfits has been posting previews of their vendors – and the talents represented there will range from handmade items to photographers to teas. Among the 84 vendors attending are – Fleur De Tea, Forever Photography by Valisa, Cakegirl, Purdy Things, Dolce Vita Mia, Unravel Me, Night Owl, and Finley and Me.   For more info, check out their link and then just come! Hissyfits Hullabaloo – this Sunday from 10 am – 3 pm.
You can also find Hissyfits on Facebook if you want to keep up with their latest sales and events.
Not only can you buy awesome, cool kids clothing, maternity, kid furniture and toys
in great condition at this great little spot – you can consign yours too!
Located on the west side of 7th Street just north of Glendale.
I’ll be at this one!
The 6th Annual Believe – A Holiday Boutique looks like a lot of fun. Two great local business owners I know personally will be at this Chandler hosted event – Zaaina Skincare and Blings Unlimited. You can reach both of these businesses through Facebook or click on their names to go straight to their sites. Although you can always find them online, there’s nothing like spending a day meeting new people and checking out some great local businesses!
If you want to go Downtown – ASU 411 Gallery Exhibition
The ASU 411 Gallery Exhibition includes over 100 new, diverse pieces from community and student artists. The Fall 2010 exhibition artwork focuses on pressing social issues related to Social Justice and Human Rights.  Peer Allies Youth Leader Mannyy Aguirre will have three pieces from his series, Lady Parts,
on view in this exhibition!
The event is part of Artlink’s First Fridays, and a shuttle stop will be located at AE England Building/Civic Space Park. The Gallery 411 Exhibition is presented in partnership with the Civic Space Park Collaboration’s First Friday Event, where live music and interactive art will take place.
The exhibit will be open from 6-8 p.m. Friday, November 5 at the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus – University Center, 411 N. Central Avenue, Phoenix.
Get out and meet your neighbors this weekend!!
Support these local events by sharing this link via FB or Twitter. And, if you know of any great upcoming events, send them my way.