My name is Monna. I’m a happily married writer, herbmama, musician and PiYo addict from Arizona and the mom of some crazy fun small people.

I used to think I wanted to live on a farm like my grandparents did. Only my farm would be a tad more urban and we would have goats. You know, those cute little tiny goats? And chickens. The kind that lay colored eggs. It would be my passion to care for the animals and inspire a total rebirth of local food raising. I would raise our children on the farm where we’d make all these great memories gardening together and milking the tiny goats.

My rockstar husband Robert did not share this passion.

He was like, “What? Are you kidding? No. No. No. NO.”

So we bought a townhouse. And we adopted two Yorkies because they were the only animals that actually fit in the townhouse. I started a compost pile despite Rob’s protests. (I was going to win him over!) We practiced our parenting skills on our Yorkies, then graduated to raising REAL little people.

As our family grew, I realized Rob was right. Thank goodness he knows me so well! I don’t actually want to be a farmer out away from the city. I LOVE the energy of the city. We love it so much that we’d rather stay in a townhouse closer to downtown than have a huge house in the suburbs.

We get the best of both worlds, big city-ish living set in the beauty of the desert. We have great local dining, museums and most importantly a myriad of awesome coffee shops, where I usually drink tea while my kids introduce themselves to EVERYONE and have random, hilarious conversations. About the tea-in-a-coffee-shop thing… I KNOW. But large doses of caffeine makes me loony. Rob will vouch for it.

Aside from my farming aspirations, I am a former worker bee who escaped corporate America to get a degree in history which I funded by getting a full vocal scholarship with my university’s President’s Singers. Yep. It was awesome. (I miss you guys, PSer’s!!!)

I loved school so much I planned to study law and become an attorney but, due to a series of unexpected events, decided to become a stay at home mom instead, for now.

Boy, was that a shock to the system! While I am making a continuing conscious choice to stay home, it has definitely been a challenge to adjust. I’m still figuring out how to be “Monna” and not just “MOM!!!”

I write about what I’m experiencing right now. How I’m figuring out life, faith, love and marriage, friendship and being the fullest version of me  – all while navigating how to best shepherd the little people who call me mom. In the middle of it, I’m a professional vocalist, my family’s herbmama healer, budget manager, car buyer, organic food guru and constantly questioning philosopher.

So, we aren’t goat raising farmers but we do have an tiny little plot in a community garden in the middle of the city. I routinely kill tomatoes there. (Thank God for the Farmer’s Market and Costco!)

The truth is, aside from my husband and kids, my passion turns out to be connecting with you. I love sharing life in this space. I love sharing what I’m learning and how I can use it to encourage and remind you that life is good, even when it’s really hard. How when we let go and be real with each other, let it all hang out, then still choose to love – Man! There’s where we find the freedom and power to be who we were created to be. That kind of love will change not only our lives but the lives of everyone we meet. This is what I’m all about!

I don’t waste time with pretense or appearances here. Let’s get down to the real stuff.

I want what you find here to expand your thinking, lift your heart and push you to be the best version of you even if it means your life takes a turn you never imagined possible.

If that happens to be goat herding, I’ll come over and take turns milking them (or something). I promise to leave your tomatoes alone.

Thanks for visiting!

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